Bezanson Streetscape Concept Plan

Bezanson Kids Jumping

As part of the development of the Bezanson Area Structure Plan, an opportunity was identified to improve the streetscape character of 100 Avenue. The avenue acted as the main highway until it was realigned to the north bypassing the Hamlet. Direct access from Highway 43 has been maintained at the western and eastern ends of the Hamlet which provides ease of access for the travelling community through the Hamlet of Bezanson, which has become a popular stop for RV’s, truck drivers and other travellers who use the services. 

Council approved the Streetscape Concept Plan for the Hamlet of Bezanson in July 2018. The Streetscape Concept Plan [PDF - 4.9 MB] aims to improve the character and appearance of 100 Avenue, enhance the identity of the community, as well as provide greater choices in accessibility through the community. 

The residents of the Hamlet of Bezanson take considerable pride in their community and have worked hard to build on their identity. This has been demonstrated in the efforts of developing a new community recreational centre located on the park lands at the eastern end of the Hamlet.

The County gathered feedback from community members, Bezanson school students, area landowners and other community stakeholders at a number of public information, stakeholder sessions and activities over 2017 and 2018 and incorporated it into the concept plan.

The plan will help guide the County on design principles for the Hamlet of Bezanson as the community grows, provide a proposed budget and allow the County to apply for grants and funding.