Heritage Estates Area Structure Plan

The purpose of the Proposed Heritage Estates Area Structure Plan (ASP) [PDF - 15.5 MB] is to provide a framework to guide the development of the Heritage Estates lands in the County of Grande Prairie. This ASP, prepared Heritage Estates Owners’ Group, will address the planning and development of the Heritage Estates lands in a comprehensive manner, including future land uses, transportation, servicing and infrastructure, development phasing and correlation with County of Grande Prairie policies, plans and regulations.

The Heritage Estates ASP is intended to expand upon and provide more detailed direction than the County of Grande Prairie Intermunicipal and Municipal Development Plans.

The Heritage Estates planning area encompasses approximately 260 hectares of land and is located within the County of Grande Prairie in Section 15, Township 71, Range 5, west of the 6th Meridian, approximately 3.2 kilometres east of the City of Grande Prairie. The planning area is bounded by Range Road 52 to the east, Township Road 712 to the south and Range Road 53 to the west.

For more information regarding the proposed Heritage Estates ASP please contact Jeremy Dela Cruz at 780-513-3950/ jdelacruz@countygp.ab.ca for more information.