Tradesman Area Structure Plan

The purpose of the proposed Tradesman Area Structure Plan (ASP) [PDF - 9 MB] is to provide a framework to guide the subdivision and development of three quarter-sections of land along Highway 43.

This ASP will ensure that the development of the subject lands occurs in a manner that is consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the County. The plan establishes the future land uses and circulation patterns for the site and provides details regarding the proposed servicing for the area.

The Tradesman planning area encompassed the north half of Section 11, Township 72, Range 5, west of the 6th meridian, and the northeast quarter of Section 10, Township 72, Range 5, west of the 6th meridian. The Plan Area is bounded to the north by Highway 43 (Township Road 722), The Bacon Area Structure Plan to the west and Range Road 51 to the east. The future 156th Avenue will form the south boundary of the plan area.

 For more information regarding the proposed Tradesman ASP please contact Michael Norris at 780-513-3950 or