Planning & Development issue two types of permits: Development and Safety Codes.

A Development Permit is...

a document that is issued by the County under its Land Use Bylaw authorizing development, including excavation, stockpiling, building, additions, and a change in use or intensity of the use of the land or building, to proceed.

Safety Codes Permits are...

for Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, and Private Sewage and ensure construction of buildings or structures meet the Alberta Building Code and the other associated codes and practices. Any inquiries or completed safety codes applications can be sent to .

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I Want to...

Remember to Call Before You Dig... Alberta One-Call

I Need an Inspection...

The Planning Department requests two days notice for scheduling of inspections. Same day service may be available depending on the Safety Codes Officer' schedule.

To book an inspection contact Planning & Development Services at 780-513-3950 or the Safety Codes Officers directly:

  • Rob Renschler at 780-814-2129 for Commercial Building, Residential Building and Sewage
  • Shane Morin at 780-814-2414 for Residential Building
  • Brian Heaton at 780-512-3543 for Electrical
  • Jason Pfefferle at 780-296-3319 for Plumbing and Gas
  • Neil Seidner at  587-297-1114 for Electrical