Building a Deck

Step 1: Determine the size and height of the deck

If the deck is higher than two feet from the existing lot grade to the bottom of the joists you will require both a Development and a Building Permit prior to commencing construction. Railing height is dependent on the distance between the decking floor and ground; if the distance is between two (2.0) feet and six (6.0) feet a railing with a minimum height of a 36" tall is required, over six (6.0) feet requires a railing with a minimum height of a 42" tall.

Step 2: The plot plan

You will need a plot plan showing the proposed location of the deck, the distance from the property lines and other structures (proposed or existing) on the parcel. We do not require a professional plot plan for a deck; if you have an old plot plan or a copy of your Real Property Report you can neatly draw the proposed deck onto it and use this for your plot plan.

Step 3: Apply for the Development Permit

A Development Permit Application [PDF - 945 KB] and Form A - Residential Development [PDF - 70 KB] need to be completed and submitted with the plot plan, and the application fee to the Planning Department. Upon review of an application, further information may be requested prior to the application being processed.

Step 4: Apply for a Building Permit

Once the Development Permit has been approved, an application for Building Permit can be processed. You will need to complete the Residential Building Permit Application [PDF - 173 KB]. This form along with two copies of the blueprints, a copy of the plot plan, and the application fee need to be submitted to the Department.

If you do not have blueprints, construction specifications from the building supply store or the Deck Information Supplement [PDF - 277 KB] form can be submitted in their place.