Business License

Does the County issue Business Licenses?

No, the County does not have annual Business Licenses. What we do issue is Development Permits for the use of the land, including:

  • Home Occupation, Major,
  • Home Occupation, Minor,
  • Home Occupation, Agricultural, and;
  • Development Permits for Occupancy

How do I apply for the permit?

To make an application for your business, you need to fill out the Development Permit Application [PDF - 945 KB] and one of the following:

Please note, additional information may be requested upon review of the application and all information must be received by the Planning Department prior to the application being processed.

Does the permit expire, or require me to reapply?

The permit may be issued on a temporary basis, in which case you would have to reapply prior to expiration. If the conditions of the permit do not state an expiration date then you are only required to reapply should the intensity of the operation change or you relocated to a different parcel.

What other costs may I incur?

You may be required to pay the rural addressing fee. If you are putting any structures or buildings on the property you will have to apply for the appropriate Safety Codes Permits. Also, the County's Transportation Levy may be applicable to Home Occupation, Major, Agricultural Industry, Commercial and/or Industrial applications, as per Bylaw #2702. An annual Road Use Agreement may also be applicable.