Commercial & Industrial Development

Step 1: Determine what you want to build and verify that the use is suitable for your zoning district.

Zoning and uses can be verified in the Land Use Bylaw or with the Planning Department.

Step 2: Get a plot plan

You will need to contact a surveyor to have them draw up a professional plot plan. This is not a survey of the parcel, but a drawing illustrating the proposed location of all structures, fences, areas for outdoor storage, signage, landscaping, gravelled and/or paved areas, the number of parking spaces, access, etc. and the distances to the property lines.

Other details that may be requested to include on the plot plan include easements, right of ways, no build zones, lot grading, and drainage direction.

Step 3: Apply for a Development Permit

A Development Permit Application [PDF - 945 KB] and one of the following:

need to be completed and submitted to the Planning Department, with the plot plan, building elevations, and the application fee. Upon review of an application, further information may be requested prior to the application being processed.

Step 4: Apply for a Building Permit

Once the Development Permit has been approved, an application for Building Permit can be processed. A Building Permit is required for all structures larger than 10m2 (108ft2) including coveralls, shops, relocation of modular units/offices, etc. You will need to complete the Non-Residential Building Permit Application [PDF - 167 KB]. This form along with two copies of the blueprints, a copy of the plot plan, and the application fee need to be submitted to the Department.

All Non-Residential Building Permit Applications need to be accompanied by engineered blueprints, and Schedules A and B.

Please note, additional information may be requested upon review of the application and all information must be received by the Planning Department prior to the application being processed.

Step 5: Apply for Plumbing, Gas, Electrical, and Private Sewage Permits

These sub-trade permit applications can be made at the same time, or following the issuance of the Building Permit they do need to be made prior to starting any of the associated work.