Electrical Permit General Information

When is an Electrical Permit required?

An Electrical Permit is required to install, alter, or add to an electrical system and needs to be applied for prior to the work commencing.

Do I need to re-wire an older home to meet today's standards?

You are only required to bring affected systems up to today's standards; although we recommend bringing all systems up to date.

How long are Electrical Permits valid?

Permits are valid for one year, provided the project is not suspended for more than 120 days and work is commenced within 90 days of permit issuance. Time extensions may be granted upon written request. However, all work must be completed within the life of the associated Development and Building Permits.

Who should apply for the permit?

A landowner who personally resides on the parcel of land where the work is to occur, or a master electrician must apply for an Electrical Permit.