Private Sewage Permit General Information

When is a Private Sewage Disposal System (PSDS) Permit required?

A PSDS Permit is needed to install, alter, or add to a private sewage system, or if the total number of bedrooms change. The permit needs to be applied for prior to the work commencing.

How long are PSDS Permits valid?

Permits are valid for one year, provided the project is not suspended for more than 120 days and work is commenced within 90 days of permit issuance. Time extensions may be granted upon written request. However all work must be completed within the life of the associated Development and Building Permits.

Who should apply for the permit?

Effective June 18, 2012 a certified installer must apply for a PSDS Permit within the County of Grande Prairie. Municipal Affairs maintains a list of certified installers for the Province of Alberta, including the County of Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. 

What are the separation distance requirements for sewage treatment systems?

The minimum separation distances from the current 2015 Standard of Practice (SOP) can be found on Municipal Affairs Website.


For information on the types of systems available contact a certified PSDS installer, or the Planning Department.