Birch Hills Intermunicipal Development Plan

What is the purpose of this Intermunicipal Development Plan?

 To create an IDP that enables Birch Hills County & County of Grande Prairie No. 1 to establish a collaborative framework that guides future planning and development, manages growth, facilitates environmental initiatives, and supports collaboration around infrastructure and vital community services. 

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Where is the affected area?

The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) [PDF - 2 MB] area is comprised of twenty-three (23) quarter sections of Crown lands & private lands located along the border between Birch Hills County & County of Grande Prairie No. 1. The IDP boundary has been established by following an equal area of one quarter section out from the municipal boundary line.


Environmental Goals

Both municipalities shall continue to protect and promote Crown Lands to be publicly accessed for recreational purposes. Environmentally significant areas shall be identified (e.g. wildlife and biodiversity zones, sand and gravel deposits, wetlands, etc.) for special management consideration within municipal documents such as the Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans and the Land Use Bylaw.

Future Land Use Policies

Both municipalities shall acknowledge the lands within the IDP area retain their current districting. Any changes to land use districts within the IDP area must be referred to the other municipality. Future land use development requiring redistricting within the IDP area should be discouraged to promote continued compatible land uses between the existing Agricultural and Crown Lands.

 Transportation and Infrastructure

Both municipalities should jointly review their municipal operations program (e.g. snow removal, road grading, etc.) to identify opportunities for cost savings and to avoid inefficiency, particularly as they affect the IDP area, so that transportation networks and connections are consistent across municipal boundaries. Both municipalities should jointly review their municipal engineering standards for roadway design and work together to harmonize those standards to obtain consistency in roadway design when crossing boundaries. Both municipalities shall notify the other when Transportation & Infrastructure projects are being tendered within the boundaries.

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