Recreational Cannabis Legalization

Recreational Cannabis will be legalized October 17, 2018. As required by the federal and provincial government, The County of Grande Prairie has amended our Land Use Bylaw to help prepare our community for the change.

Land Use Bylaw is a legal guiding document that the County uses to regulate future development of land and buildings to ensure sustainable growth of communities and maintain quality of life. It sets out various zoning districts, what is acceptable land use in each district and how decisions on development permits are made.

In anticipation of legalization, The County of Grande Prairie gathered citizen input on responsibilities that fall under municipalities to regulate such as where recreational cannabis facilities should be located, the types of operations and hours of operation permitted, and the areas and venues recreational cannabis should be consumed in the County. We did this using a survey on our online engagement platform at engagecountygp.caThe survey is now closed. Thank you for your input on how the legalization of recreational Cannabis may affect our community.

The Land Use Bylaw [PDF - 15.4 MB] has now been amended to include Cannabis Retail Sales and Cannabis Production/Distribution as  discretionary uses in varied land use districts.

Limited Rural Industrial (RM) [PDF - 26 KB] Discretionary Discretionary
Rural Light Industrial  (RM-1) [PDF - 35 KB] Discretionary Discretionary
Rural Medium Industrial (RM-2) [PDF - 36 KB] Discretionary Discretionary
Rural Heavy Industrial (RM-3) [PDF - 36 KB] No Discretionary
Highway Industrial (RM-4) [PDF - 36 KB] No Discretionary
Comprehensive Commercial (CC) [PDF - 35 KB] Discretionary No
General Commercial (GC) [PDF - 25 KB] Discretionary No
Downtown Mixed-Use (MU1) [PDF - 12.6 MB]


(ground floor only)

Gateway Commercial (GWC) [PDF - 29 KB] Discretionary No
Commercial Business Centre - Minor (CBMN) [PDF - 28 KB] Discretionary No
Commercial Business Centre - Major (CBMJ) [PDF - 45 KB] Discretionary No


For more information please read the Land Use Bylaw [PDF - 15.4 MB] or contact Planning and Development Services at 780-513-3950.