Rezoning Process

What do I need to rezone?

  • A completed Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application form, which includes:
    • the signature of the applicant or his/her agent (authorized in writing);
    • the description of the use(s) proposed for the land;
    • information on the uses and characteristics of the land within 0.8km (0.5 mile) from the land proposed for rezoning; and
    • the reason(s) for the application to rezone.
  • A current certificate of title for the land to be rezoned, including the names and addresses of all encumbrances.
  • The application fee as approved in the County's approved Fee Schedule.
  • Three (3) 8 1/2" x 11", one (1) 24" x 36" copy, and a digital AutoCAD format of a properly scaled rezoning map. Please see the "Rezoning and Subdivision Information Guide" for the details that need to be included on this map.
  • One (1) 8 1/2" x 11" air photo of the subject land at a scale of no less than 1:5000.
  • A map showing the 1 in 100 year flood plan if the land is located in a potential floodplain and the floodplain mapping is available.
  • Additional information may be required by the Development Authority or referral agencies upon review of the application.

Please Note: Council may require and Area Structure Plan or Outline Plan be prepared or amended prior to considering a proposed amendment to the Land Use Bylaw.

Who makes the decision to approve or deny a rezoning application?

The Land Use Bylaw is a municipal bylaw, therefore only County Council has the final authority to approve or deny an application for its amendment.

However, prior to making this decision, all affected or potentially affected parties are to be notified and have the opportunity to express their concerns and/or comments. This is done via circulation of the proposed amendment to various referral agencies, adjacent landowners, and encumbrances on title. The application is also scheduled for a Public Hearing heard by County Council; this hearing date and time are circulated to the applicant and/or his/her agent and adjacent landowners, as well as advertised in the local newspaper. All affected parties are given the opportunity to speak at the hearing and/or written comments received by the Planning Department will be provided to Council for their review.

The application will need to receive three (3) readings by Council to be approved. The Public Hearing is typically held following the first reading.

When does the decision take effect, and can it be appealed?

An approval takes effect immediately, and a refusal cannot be appealed.

How long does this process take?

The timeframe from submitting the application to the decision varies as each application is unique; therefore the County cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for a Land Use Bylaw Amendment.