Materials Accepted for Recycling

  Clairmont Centre for Recycling & Waste Management West Grande Prairie Regional Landfill Demmitt, Teepee Creek, & Elmworth Transfer Stations Recycling Depots Curbside Recycle Collection
Electronics & Household Appliances x x x    
Propane Tanks x x x    
Refundable Bottles x x x x  
Cardboard & Boxboard x x   x x
Vehicle Batteries x x x    
Fluorescent Bulbs x x x    
Pesticide Jugs
(Emptied and rinsed)
x x


(Demmitt does not accept) 

Tires x x x    
Wood x x x    
Metal x x x    
Clothing x        
Agricultural Plastics x x      
Rechargeable Batteries x x x    
Paper x x   x x
Tin x x   x x
Glass x x   x  
Plastics x x   x x
Drop n Swap Program x        
Cement / Concrete x x      
Used Motor Oil x   x    
Household Hazardous Waste & Paint x x x    

Please sort and rinse the items above before taking them to the recycle centres, or view our curbside recycle & bin guidelines.

Car bodies (shell and frame only) are accepted at the Clairmont Landfill and Regional Landfill for a disposal fee of $300. Teepee Creek, Elmworth, and Demmitt Transfer Stations do not accept vehicle bodies.

Commercial and non-County residential loads composed strictly of clean wood waste, loads of tires, and loads composed strictly of metal wastes will be charged $47.50/tonne with a minimum charge of $10.00.

For more information on recycling in the County please visit:


Contact us at:

  • County of Grande Prairie No.1 (Public Works department) - 780-532-7393
  • Landfill Information Line - 780-513-3967
  • Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management - 780-567-4194
  • The West Grande Prairie Regional Landfill - 780-356-0007