Shelve and Share

Is your house getting a tad cluttered? Do you want to get rid of household items you no longer use? Hold up on throwing them in the trash. A family, organization or individual could greatly benefit from your hand-me-downs. 

The Shelve and Share (previously known as the Drop N' Swap) is a place to drop-off gently used and new items that may be appreciated in a new home. Reusing items is one the best ways to reduce waste and energy use! The Shelve and Share is located at the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management


  • Drop-off items that are in good condition and working order. If an item is broken and can't be reused, it should be recycled.
  • Place items for reuse on the shelves provided. Bags or boxes of items will be discarded.
  • Hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    The following is a list of a few items to drop-off at the Shelve and Share:
Arts & Crafts Supplies Sports and Recreation Equipment Kitchen and Household Supplies
Home Décor Office & School Supplies New, leftover or reusable construction materials
Media Paper products Various other items

Click here for more ideas of accepted items [PDF - 27 KB].

List of items the County will not accept:

Broken items Sofa beds, futons, mattresses Strollers
Soiled items

Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE) including hard hats, books, gas masks, etc.

Cloth furniture
Lawn darts, knives or similar items Baby Cribs and car seats Stuffed animals or cloth toys
All types of helmets Footwear Electronics

Questions? County of Grande Prairie staff are available to help! County staff have the final say on what items are accepted at the Shelve and Share.


Bedding and Clothing can be placed in the Diabetes Canada clothing donation bin at the Clairmont Centre for Recycling & Waste Management or at other bins located throughout Grande Prairie area communities. To find clothing bin locations, visit

Large Appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and dishwashers can be dropped off in the White Goods Section at the Clairmont Centre for Recycling & Waste Management.

For more information about recycling in the County, please visit

The Shelve and Share program does not accept electronics; there is an area at the Clairmont Centre for Recycling and Waste Management and the Regional Landfill designated for electronic equipment recycling that is managed by West Grande Prairie Solid Waste Authorities and the Alberta Recycling Management Association under the province-wide Electronics Recycling program. For more information on Alberta’s electronics recycling program, please visit