Dust Control Program

Will re-open in February 2021 for applications.

On a home computer or laptop fill out the Online Application Form 

Dust control is the application of a dust suppressant, such as calcium chloride or spec crude oil to gravel roads to minimize road dust. You may request a dust suppressant be applied to the gravel road in front of your residence, rural subdivision, or business. The cost is shared between the County and residential applicants. Fees vary based on the type of suppressant used, length of application, and whether it's for residential or commercial use.


Calcium Applications:

  • Residential Cost/Share - $4.40 per meter
  • Commercial/industrial - $6.60 per meter

Oil Applications:

  • Residential Cost/Share - $19.20 per meter for first 150 meters, $21.95 per meter after 150 meters
  • Commercial - $21.95 per meter

Applicants will have their dust control stakes pegged in by the dust control foreman. The work will begin once spring road bans are lifted and continues until the program is complete.

For further information, please contact the Public Works department at 780-532-7393 or email pubwks@countygp.ab.ca.