Keep Snow and Ice Off of Roadways

Residents and property owners are advised to keep the snow and ice they clear from their driveways, sidewalks and property on their property.

Under the County's General Traffic Bylaw 3024 [PDF - 3.9 MB] and the Provincial Highways Development and Protection Act, it is illegal to:

  • deposit snow, ice and other material onto roadways, right-of-ways, ditches or property other than your own.
  • conduct any form of work or maintenance on any County road, road right-of-way, or ditch without permission from the County.

Pushing snow and ice onto County roadways, ditches, right-of-ways, and property other than your own results in:

  • increased traffic and safety hazards by making roads uneven and unpassable.
  • slowing down the County’s snow removal process.
  • increased risk of damaging equipment during back blading of ditches.
  • potentially damaging roads and road maintenance equipment.
  • blocking or damaging culverts during freeze and thaw cycles, which can lead to higher risks of flooding during the spring.
  • causing inconveniences for other property owners, residents and motorists.

The failure to comply with the conditions in Bylaw 3024 and the Highways Development and Protection Act may result in the County issuing:

  • a $100 fine.
  • an order to clean up the snow and ice pushed on the road.
  • an additional $200 fine for failure to clean up debris on the road.
  • a bill for the time and resources spent to cleanup or repair damages caused to roadways, ditches, equipment and other infrastructure.

According to the County’s Community Standards Bylaw, property owners and occupants are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks within 24-hours of snowfall.

When clearing sidewalks:

  • snow must not be placed on roads as it creates driving hazards.
  • sidewalks must not be damaged while clearing snow.