Transportation Master Plan

What is the Transportation Master Plan (TMP)?

The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is a 10-year plan, adopted by Council in November 2017, which provides administration and Council with a guide on the improvement of the County’s transportation network. The goal of the TMP is to define a long-range transportation network in order to make the County’s roadway system more accessible, connected and efficient.

In addition, the TMP provides recommendations relating to a number of specific transportation and traffic issues and determines areas of investments to develop a roadway network that meets the existing and future needs of the County.

Where are we today?

Over the past several years, significant changes have occurred in the County including continued growth in the Clairmont area, industry growth, and the announcement of the construction of the next section of Highway 43X as part of a ring road through the recently annexed northwestern part of the City of Grande Prairie. These changes influence the demands placed on the transportation system and justifies regular updates to the TMP.

In 2016, the County began the process to develop an updated TMP. This update took into consideration:

TMP Recommendations Summary

Recommendations in the TMP include:

  • Investments going towards roadways and infrastructure that have estimated long-term higher traffic volumes, and/or provide regional and community connectivity;
  • Beginning a Collision Data Collection Program, where the County works with the RCMP and Regional Enforcement Services in collecting and recording information on collisions that take place on County roads and the potential causes. This program would aid in the planning and designing of new and upgraded roadways in preventing collisions.  
  • Review the County’s Minimum Design Standards for road, intersection, and transportation infrastructure design and development to ensure they are consistent with the 2017 Transportation Association of Canada Guidelines and Alberta Transportation Guidelines;
  • Review the Off-Site Levies Bylaw; and,
  • Require, under the direction of the development authority, subdivision and development permit applicants to submit a supporting Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) that follows the Alberta Transportation Traffic Impact Assessment Guidelines with the application; and, invest in infrastructure upgrades that are consistent with the TIA, as part of the subdivision and development approval process.

For more information about the TMP, contact the Public Works department at 780-532-7393.

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