Utilities, Water & Sewer Services

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Aquatera is a regional utility corporation formed by the County of Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie, and Town of Sexsmith.

Aquatera owns and operates the wastewater treatment system, water distribution, water collection mains and structures, and sanitary sewer services for the City of Grande Prairie, Town of Sexsmith and a portion of the County. Aquatera also provides landfill service to the City of Grande Prairie and recycling programs through their Eco Centre including educational programs and information on recycling and composting, school tours and classroom visits.

Regional Water Line

The Regional Water Line carries treated water from the Aquatera's treatment plant in Grande Prairie to residents and businesses in Clairmont and Sexsmith. The water line provides a safe, secure water source for the growing needs of residential and industrial areas of the County. The source of the water is the Wapiti River.

The Regional Water Line is a cooperative partnership between the County of Grande Prairie, City of Grande Prairie and the Town of Sexsmith. Aquatera administers all water line crossing applications.

View the regional waterline map [PDF - 93 KB].

The County of Grande Prairie provides utility services to the following communities:

  • Water and sewer service to the Hamlets of Bezanson, Teepee Creek and LaGlace.
  • Sewer service to the Hamlet of Valhalla.

Aquatera provides water and sewer service to the following areas:

  • Hamlet of Clairmont
  • Town of Sexsmith
  • Wedgewood subdivision
  • Industrial development north of the City of Grande Prairie

Visit the Aquatera website for details on the Water and Wastewater plan for Clairmont