Regional Enforcement Services

Enforcement ServicesRegional Enforcement Services provides a safe and secure environment for residents, business owners, and visitors. A leader in the delivery of policing programs, safety programs  and emergency management, the County's enforcement services department is one of the most comprehensive in the province.

The department consists of a Patrol Unit, Bylaw Unit, and an RCMP Enhanced Policing Unit. The Bylaw Unit consists of both Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Animal Control Officers.

  • Animal Control
    The County of Grande Prairie provides animal control services to County residents as well as the Towns of Wembley and Sexsmith, the Village of Hythe, and Saddle Hills County.
  • Bylaw Unit
    The Bylaw Division primarily focuses on enforcing the regulation bylaws in the County as well as several of the municipalities in the surrounding regions.
  • Bylaws
    The following bylaws are enforced by the County Peace Officers within the County of Grande Prairie.
  • Patrol Unit
    Offers supplemental Enforcement Services to the RCMP in the form of Peace Officer policing.
  • RCMP Enhanced Policing
    The County employs four RCMP members that work out of the County Community Services Building in conjunction with the Regional Enforcement Services, and two that work out the Grande Prairie RCMP Detachment for the Crime Reduction Unit and Drug Section.