Animal Control

Revised Animal Control Bylaw

What are the Dog Gone Changes?

Council has approved the revised Animal Control Bylaw  (#3032). The new bylaw, which took effect on May 8, 2017, reflects the growth of the community in the County of Grande Prairie. It was also created with a wider, more comprehensive approach making relocating between communities easier for those who have dogs, and will help ensure there is an understanding throughout the area of what is and is not permitted. Here are the major proposed changes you need to know about:

Major changes

  • The new bylaw would remove all breed-specific references, eliminating restricted dog breeds
  • Increasing the number of dogs allowed on 10 acres or less from two to four
  • Removing classification of “running at large” when in designated off-leash parks, should the County build any designated off-leash parks
  • Safeguarding dogs in vehicles
  • Banning dogs from recreational playing fields and school playground areas
  • The minimum penalty has been increased from $50 to $100

Other changes

  • Safeguarding dogs in vehicles
  • Banning dogs from recreational playing fields and school playground areas

Increased penalty for infractions

  • The minimum penalty has been increased from $50 to $100

Other important links:

For more information:

Contact Regional Enforcement Services at 780-532-9727 or see the Revised Animal Control Bylaw Frequently Asked Questions.

Arrangements for care and housing of displaced animals

The City and County of Grande Prairie have adopted a three-pronged animal care plan to temporarily provide Pound Services, Adoption Services and Animal Shelter Services until a permanent solution for displaced animals is in place. Click on the Grande Prairie Regional Animal Care Facility page to learn more about the facility and its services.

Have a lost pet?

If you have questions about a lost pet, surrendering animals or want to find out if your pet is in the pound, contact the Regional Animal Pound at:

Phone: 780-830-0199
Fax: 780-532-4745
In Person: Brochu Industrial Park, 12220 - 104 Avenue, Grande Prairie

Licenses and Tags

Dogs are our best friends and companions. If they go missing, we want to know they will be found quickly and safely. Licences and tags help identify pets so they can be returned to their owners.

Licences and tags are required for all dogs over the age of six months that reside in the County. Dog licences are free and available online or at the County office. Once the licence is processed, a tag is mailed to your residence.

Dog Complaints

Report dog-related issues or complaints to the Bylaw Unit at 780-532-9727. The Animal Control Unit deals only with dogs. It does not handle complaints about cats, farm animals, or wildlife.

Click here to report a dog-related complaint online.

Need to Report a Stray or Lost Dog?

The County of Grande Prairie provides animal control services to all areas of the County, including Wembley, Sexsmith, Hythe, MD of Greenview and Saddle Hills County.

If you wish to report a stray or lost dog in the County, please contact the Bylaw Unit at 780-532-9727 or complete our online form by clicking report a dog-related complaint online.

Pound Services Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to noon & 1 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Closed over the lunch hour
  • Sunday noon to 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed on all statutory holidays
  • For Adoption Services Hours of Operation, visit the Grande Prairie Regional Animal Care Facility page.

Dog Attack or Vicious Dog

For an emergency that involves a dog, such as a dog attack or vicious dog-at-large, contact the Grande Prairie RCMP at 780-830-5701 or the Beaverlodge RCMP at 780-354-2485.

Wildlife Concerns

For wildlife concerns, contact Alberta Fish and Wildlife at 780-538-5265. To report a poacher or illegal wildlife activity, call 1-800-642-3800.

Animal Abuse Complaints

For concerns of suspected animal abuse, contact the Alberta SPCA at 1-800-455-9003.

The following County resources apply to dogs: