Keeping of Dogs

Bylaw 3032 Animal Control Bylaw.pdf [PDF - 7.9 MB] states that:

a) No person shall keep or allow to be kept more than four (4) dogs that have reached six (6) months in age, on a parcel of land ten (10) acres or less in size.

b) Any person or persons may apply to the County of Grande Prairie for an exemption under Section 4(b) of this Bylaw.

c) Anyone contravening the provisions of this section is guilty of an offence and liable to a voluntary fine of Two Hundred ($200.00) dollars and upon Summary Conviction to a fine of not less than Two Hundred ($200.00) dollars.

The following guidelines were put into place to ensure that the exemption application process is interpreted fairly and consistently for all County residents. We believe that our primary purpose is to provide quality of life in safe, viable communities. In addition to these guidelines, consideration will also be given to other factors including but not limited to: the distance from neighbours, remoteness of land parcel, type of dogs, number of dogs, age of dogs, size of dogs, and whether they are typically indoor/outdoor breeds or a combination thereof.

Request for Exemption Guidelines

  1. Applicant submits a written application to the CAO, Director of Community Services, or Manager of Regional Enforcement services via fax, email or letter.
  2. Once the application is received, Regional Enforcement Services is assigned for investigation and follow-up.
  3. The County reviews the location of request and confirms the land parcel size.
    1. Exemptions will not be issued for any location within any high density residential subdivisions, hamlets or trailer parks.
  4. Animal Control database is researched for complaints.
  5. Animal Control officers are interviewed and their input sought on the application.
  6. Applicant is contacted and requested to obtain letters of consent from immediate neighbours.
  7. If there are no concerns, a letter of exemption sent to the applicant. At a minimum, the letter will include the following details:
    1. that exemption is animal specific and good only for the life of those specified animals; and,
    2. that exemption is conditional pending current and future compliance with federal, provincial, and municipal animal control legislation and may be revoked at any time should the compliance situation change.