The County of Grande Prairie has a council of nine members, who are elected every three years, on the third Monday in October. There are nine corresponding electoral divisions; with a councillor representing each division. The elected Council then elects a Reeve and a Deputy Reeve annually.

Governed by the Municipal Governance Act, the Council passes bylaws that develop and maintain safe and viable communities. These bylaws include matters such as the safety, health and welfare of people and property, business activity, recreation, public utilities, nuisances, transportation; and domestic animal control.

Each town within the County of Grande Prairie is administered by a council and mayor, who are elected in a civic vote every three years. Town councils are independent bodies that work in conjunction with County council on matters that impact both town residents and residents of the broader county.

Vision Statement

The County of Grande Prairie focuses on people, their quality of life and diversity of opportunity while enabling success through cooperation and progressive leadership.


We believe that at the centre of everything we do are the people that we serve.

We believe that our primary purpose is to provide quality of life in safe, viable communities and recognize that this is best done through good, progressive and responsive municipal governance; effective, professional Administration; quality, affordable services and infrastructure; and, lifestyle choice.

We value clean air, clean water, our natural environment, our open spaces and our agricultural heritage and recognize that we must balance our duty to be good stewards of all these assets, with our responsibility to manage growth in our community.

We value fiscal responsibility and good financial management.

We recognize that we as a municipality do not and cannot exist in isolation of our neighbour municipalities and believe that a key to our success lies in ongoing communication, cooperation and collaboration with them.

We also believe that ongoing communication, cooperation collaboration extend to other orders of government, public sector agencies and the private and volunteer sectors.

We believe that our region has much to offer and that through sound planning and good policies we can create the conditions that will foster an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage sustainable agriculture, industry and other economic development and tourism pursuits as cornerstones of our prosperity now and into the future.

We hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct and are committed to acting in the best interests of the community as a whole.

Above all else, we value integrity in all things.