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In 2014, the County of Grande Prairie submitted to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) their response that reflects the results of an independent report on future population and land consumption needs [PDF - 621 KB] based on the City of Grande Prairie's annexation request. Additional information can be found in the County Legal Advisory Report [PDF - 2.1 MB] and the Beairsto, Lehners, Ketchum Engineering Ltd. Annexation Servicing Cost Estimation [PDF - 881 KB] and associated Maps [PDF - 2.9 MB].

The City's annexation application was the second largest annexation in Alberta's recent history which makes it a special and unique application that may set the course for future, similar initiatives and have long-lasting implications for the landowners affected.

From data submitted by the City in late 2013 and a study the County commissioned earlier in 2014, it was the County's position that both analyses show that the City's land requirements for the next 30 years is far less than what it projected and applied for in the annexation.  The annexation includes a landmass that will likely meet the City's land need for 80 to 120 years, doubling the City's geographic size.  As a result of this new finding, County Council approved changes to the original conditions it developed to address the concerns of all residents and non-residential landowners in the affected areas.

In the event the City chose not to meet the conditions, the County's submission also proposed an alternative approach aligned with the Intermunicipal Development Plan (IPD) [PDF - 12.8 MB]that reduces the area of land to be annexed from 15,560.13 acres to 1,342.76 acres and also considers which areas in the short-term annexation might be best suited for the City's future short-term growth. 

The County believes this proposal is a sound solution that strikes a balance between the growth needs of the City and the needs of people living and working in the County.

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If you would like to review the conditions the County of Grande Prairie developed and County Council approved for the City's annexation request to proceed, please view Section 15 of the County's Final Report [PDF - 173 KB].

On June 9, 2014, the City of Grande Prairie submitted to the MGB their rebuttal to the County's annexation submission. View the City of Grande Prairie's rebuttal below:

City of Grande Prairie Rebuttal to County of Grande Prairie Annexation Submission

For more information on the County's submission view the full news release [PDF - 255 KB] and the County's Final Report.

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