Canada Post Initiative Address Change Form and FAQ's

Canada Post has begun an initiative to convert mailing addresses of rural customers from a Rural Route (RR) address to the Rural Municipal address assigned to your property. This changeover started throughout the County on August 27, 2012.

County residents who've received the notice in the mail from Canada Post notifying them of their address change must contact the County Administration Office at 780-532-9722 immediately to complete and submit a Property Tax Name/Address Change Form. The County will be updating their contacts for taxation purposes; and, to ensure various County communications materials such as newsletters, pamphlets, important notices, and development applications are properly circulated to all ratepayers.

The first phase includes select rural customers within the boundaries of Range Road 40 to Range Road 75 and Township Road 730 South to the border. The timing and areas of other properties within the other phases of the County that will experience the address change have not been determined yet. Following phases will begin when Phase One is fully operational.

Your Rural Address will become your mailing address in the future. The change to Rural Addressing will include a municipality name and postal code change.

The following is an example of an old Rural Route address within the boundaries of the County of Grande Prairie:

RR1 Site 2 Box 3456
Grande Prairie, AB
A#A #A#

The following is an example of a new 911 Rural Municipal address within the boundaries of County of Grande Prairie:

12345 RGE RD 67
County of Grande Prairie No. 1, AB or County of GP NO. 1, AB or CO GP NO. 1, AB
A#A #A#

Who will and will not be affected?

  • Customers in areas receiving mail by external delivery routes to roadside mailboxes or community mailboxes will be affected.
  • Customers still using a PO Box address in a closed facility will be affected.
  • Customers living in these external delivery areas, but using local post office boxes for mail will be affected or given the option to rent the PO Box.
  • Customers using an existing Canada Post facility will NOT be affected.

If affected, what will you need to do?

  • Customers on these routes will receive a letter in the mail from Canada Post.
  • Provide Canada Post with your Rural Municipal address (on the green and white sign near your property) as well as your current address.
  • Provide the names of persons and business and/or farm names receiving mail at your address.
  • This information will be used to redirect mail for free for one year.
  • This is a Canada Post initiative. If contacted by Canada Post, you must still contact the County of Grande Prairie to notify us of your address change. Notify all of your other contacts as well.
  • Use your change letter with your name and new address that will come from Canada Post before change takes effect to get your license and motor registration address updated for free.
  • Due to the address change, Canada Post has assigned new Community Mail Boxes (CMB) you'll need to pick up your mail from. An exact location of the CMB site as well as the module and compartment number can be found in the mail package Canada Post sent you.

Why Now?

Canada Post has said they wish to improve services to residents in the County of Grande Prairie. They have indicated that one address for 911 emergency services and mail delivery will avoid confusion.

How is this Beneficial to You?

  • Having your Municipal Rural address as your mailing address means only having one address to give out to correspondents.
  • Communicating with and receiving services from your municipality, the Province, local utility companies, etc. should be much easier.
  • Doing business, ordering items or filing taxes, etc. online is more effective and user friendly when using a Municipal Rural address.
  • Canada Post will be using the already established municipal number, street name and municipality name issued to customer by the County of Grande Prairie.
  • Customers will be using the community name where they actually live along with a newly issued postal code.
  • Canada Post will provide all affected customers with a twelve (12) month free redirection service for mail which bears the "old mailing address" to allow customers to notify all correspondents of their new mailing address.

For more information on this change please contact Jeffrey Way, Canada Post Mail Delivery Planner at 780-944-3333 (ext. 43079), or call the Canada Post Customer Service Line at 1-800-267-1177.