Communications Survey

The County is pleased to share the results of a communication survey conducted with residents and businesses in the County during January 2016. The response to the survey was excellent with 445 residents and business operators completing a survey.

Overall, the results are positive and indicate that the County is doing a good job keeping residents and business operators informed about important information they want and need.

“We were very pleased to have the high numbers of responses,” said Bill Rogan, County CAO. “I want to thank everyone who took the time to give us this valuable input.”

The County will use the feedback from the survey to help determine areas where they can improve communication with residents and businesses.

The survey measured the effectiveness of communication by asking respondents to rate their level of agreement with a number of key statements. Highlights are included below or view the full report and results.

Respondents somewhat or strongly agreed with key statements as follows:

  • I have a good understanding of the range of municipal services and programs provided by the County for its residents (68 per cent)
  • Overall, the County does a good job of communicating with residents (56 per cent)
  • I have a good understanding of how my tax dollars are spent (54 per cent)
  • The County does a good job of communicating to residents and local businesses about County programs, services and taxes (50 per cent)

The information topic ranked most important by all respondents is “How tax dollars are spent.”

The two topics respondents most frequently indicated they do not get enough information on are “How tax dollars are spent” and “New services being offered by the County.”

County residents ranked the top five communication methods used by the County as:

    1. County Website
    2. TV, radio or newspaper news coverage
    3. County pamphlets, brochures, reports, etc.
    4. County Connections Newsletter
    5. Newspaper or radio advertising 

Residents and businesses are encouraged to review the full report and results below.