Saskatoon Mountain Provincial Recreation Area

As of March 2018, Saskatoon Mountain has been reclassified to a Provincial Recreation Area. It was formerly a Provincial Natural Area.  

The decision to reclassify the area has been made by the Province of Alberta following a request by the County of Grande Prairie in 2012 to seek solutions to behaviours and uses that are detrimental to the unique ecosystem. In 2013, the County and Province adopted the Plan for Recreation and Conservation at Saskatoon Mountain created by O2 Planning and Design. That plan provided the foundation for the ministerial order that has resulted in this reclassification.

Alberta Parks will now embark on clarifying plans for recreation development of the 1,000 hectare site. This will include expanding the site, designating motorized (ATV) and non-motorized trails, enhancing picnic areas and developing additional amenities such as washrooms. The upcoming Management Plan will also give consideration to the future development of a campground with full and partial service sites.

Who can I contact if I have questions about Provincial Recreation Areas or the future of Saskatoon Mountain?

Please contact Alberta Parks at 780-538-5350 or visit their dedicated Saskatoon Mountain Reclassification web page here.