Recreation & Social Needs Assessment

Transportation around the County, senior and youth programming and services and assisted living facilities for seniors are among the top emerging needs of County residents identified by a recent County of Grande Prairie needs assessment [PDF - 720 KB]. An increase in the sense of belonging and ensuring that people feel safe in their communities are also priorities.

The purpose of the needs assessment, conducted on behalf of the County of Grande Prairie FCSS, was to determine the recreational and preventative social needs of County residents, as well as the level to which these needs are presently being met.

The research also highlighted the appeal that the County holds for its residents. Results showed that 97% of those surveyed feel the County is a good place to raise a family, 95% consider their community a safe place to live and 93% say that people are willing to help out their neighbours.

The research also provided insight into the needs of local agency and service-providers that work with County residents. The top needs for these stakeholders include an increase in funding, volunteer and staff support; up-to-date and comprehensive agency and service listings; and inter-municipality partnerships and resource sharing.

Looking toward the future, other priorities identified by survey respondents for County of Grande Prairie residents include low-income housing and more resources and supports for immigrants and Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs).

The survey was conducted by Banister Research & Consulting for the County of Grande Prairie FCSS. Data was gathered through a combination of telephone and web-based surveys, focus groups and interviews. The research was conducted in late 2013 and early 2014.

For more information download the complete 2014 Recreation and FCSS Needs Assessment Research Summary Report [PDF - 720 KB].