Residential Satisfaction Survey

An Ipsos Reid study on behalf of the County of Grande Prairie shows that residents are happy to live in the County, they feel the quality of life is high, and overall, they are satisfied with their municipal government's performance. This is the second Citizen Satisfaction survey conducted by the County. The first survey was conducted in 2011.

The three main factors residents feel is positively impacting their quality of life are roads (36 per cent), a new sports facility (22 per cent), and increased attention being paid to youth (12 per cent). Aging facilities/infrastructure (26 per cent) and crime (25 per cent) were the two main issues impacting the quality of life.

Optimism about the future of the County among residents has increased: 97 per cent of residents agree that the County has a vibrant local economy, 95 per cent agree that the County is a great place to raise a family and 94 per cent agree that the County has a bright future.

General satisfaction levels around the overall level and quality of County of Grande Prairie services and programs saw slight increases over 2011 (86 per cent vs 84 per cent). The highest levels of individual satisfaction results across a variety of County services were: Fire Services (93 per cent), Recycling (84 per cent), Family and Community Support Services (84 per cent), Parks and Pathways (82 per cent), Agricultural Services (81 per cent), Financial Support to Non-Profits (81 per cent) and Wastewater Treatment (81 per cent). The most significant increases since 2011 were seen in Parks and Pathways (82 per cent vs 70 per cent) and Recycling (84 per cent vs 76 per cent).

While lower ratings were recorded for Maintenance, Cleaning and Upgrading of Streets and Sidewalks (67 per cent) and Affordable Housing (67 per cent), both services saw improvements over 2011.

Perceptions about growth management and value for taxes continue to be strong. Survey results report a significant ten percentage point increase in perceptions about County growth-related communications; and over 6 in 10 say they receive good value for the municipal portion of their property tax bill.

Road conditions (55 per cent), annexation/merger (8 per cent), and infrastructure maintenance/improvements/development (7 per cent) continue to be top priorities for County residents. Annexation/merger saw the greatest change, with a 7 per cent increase from 2011.

County staff, who manage citizen contact on a daily basis, also received positive feedback. Overall, three-quarters of residents are satisfied with their recent contact with the County, while 86 per cent agree that County staff are courteous, helpful and knowledgeable, 82 per cent agree that staff are easy to contact, 80 per cent agree the quality of service is consistently high, and 80 per cent agree that the County practices open and accessible government. While the lowest level of agreement was noted for “the County responds quickly to requests and concerns” at 70 per cent, this was a 2 per cent improvement over 2011.

View the Ipsos Reid Survey Results [PDF - 1 MB].