County Strategic Plan

Effective leadership of a municipality starts with developing a shared understanding of the challenges to be faced and the priorities to be pursued. The County of Grande Prairie has developed a Strategic Plan to help guide us in our short term and long term planning and serves as a foundation upon which the County’s Business Plan, master plans, division and department plans and annual budgets are developed.

The Strategic Plan [PDF - 675 KB] is an overarching framework that identifies goals and strategies that will assist us in achieving our vision and mission.

The same five strategic pillars used in the last plan are carried forward into the current plan. These pillars are the framework for the overall strategic plan and have several goals attached to each of them that convey the County's future priorities.

  • Thinking Regionally
  • Providing Quality Municipal Services and Infrastructure
  • Encouraging Community Development Across the Region
  • Managing Economic Development Across the Region
  • Promoting Environmental Stewardship

The strategic priorities, which are part of the Strategic Plan, are reviewed and frequently updated to ensure it still reflects the needs and views of the County.


December 2019 [PDF - 254 KB]

August 2019 [PDF - 687 KB]

February 2019 [PDF - 220 KB]

Strategic Priorities 2018
October 2018 [PDF - 122 KB]
Strategic Priorities 2017

November 2017 [PDF - 246 KB]

July 2017 [PDF - 168 KB]

May 2017 [PDF - 128 KB]

Strategic Priorities 2016
April 2016 [PDF - 915 KB]
Strategic Priorities 2015

July 2015 [PDF - 327 KB]

February 2015 [PDF - 113 KB]
Strategic Priorities 2014
April 2014 [PDF - 39 KB]