Polling Stations

Polling Stations will be open between the hours of 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. on Monday, October 16, 2017.

Polling Stations

Residents must vote at the polling station in the division in which their residence is located on election day. 

Division 2

Grande Prairie Alliance Church

Division 2

Clairmont Seniors Centre

Division 2 and 9

Sexsmith Civic Centre

Division 3

Five Mile Hall

Division 3 and 4

Peace Wapiti School District Office

Division 4

Dimsdale Hall

Division 4 and 5

Wembley Community Hall

Division 5

Albright Community Hall

Division 5

Saskatoon Lake Community Hall

Division 5 and 6

Beaverlodge Community Centre

Division 6

Hinton Trail Community Hall

Division 6 and 7

Goodfare Community Hall

Division 7

Hythe Golden Age Centre

Division 7

Demmitt Hall

Division 7

Lymburn Hall

Division 9

Teepee Creek Hall

Division 9

Webster Community Hall

Lakeview Supportive Housing for Seniors in Clairmont is also a voting station on Election Day for seniors living in the residence.

Electoral Division Map

For questions about which division you reside in, please refer to the map that outlines the nine electoral divisions in the County.