Communications Policies

Policy Name



Social Media Policy To set out direction and requirements which must be followed as the County participates in the social media realm. The scope of this policy includes all departments within the County of Grande Prairie including all employees, contractors, councillors and authorized community members. It also includes any agencies affiliated with the County of Grande Prairie that Council deems to be subject to this policy.  Policy S1 [PDF - 97 KB]
Public Relations, Promotions and Donations Policy To ensure that residents and organizations in the County of Grande Prairie are suitably recognized and supported for achievements, milestones or events which benefit the region and to facilitate the community's participation in these events. To provide direction to staff when requests are received for sponsorship or donations of items other than cash for fund raising purposes.  Policy S2 [PDF - 87 KB]
Public Participation Policy, Strategy and Toolkit

The County of Grande Prairie has made it a priority to enhance public participation in municipal decision-making and service delivery, by implementing a Public Participation Policy.


The overarching goal of the policy is to build on our current practices for public participation so that Council is confident that decisions made are reflective of a range of citizen and stakeholder priorities and interests, and so that service delivery fits the public’s expectations.


The Strategy and Toolkit was developed based on your feedback on when and how you want to be engaged. 

Policy S3 [PDF - 112 KB]