Council and Legislative Policies

Policy Name



Council Honoraria and Travel Expenses

Establishes Council honoraria, general expense allowance, and travel expense rates and income tax treatment thereof.

Policy F1 [PDF - 142 KB] 

Pension Plan County Councillors

To establish guidelines for Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) participation.

Policy F2 [PDF - 329 KB]

Councillor Service Awards

To recognize Council for their service to the ratepayers of the County of Grande Prairie.

Policy F3 [PDF - 406 KB]

Board Member Compensation Policy

To provide consistency in compensation for public members serving on County boards.

Policy F5 [PDF - 107 KB]

Community School Contribution

To provide a clear framework and formula for addressing requests received from various School Boards for the County of Grande Prairie to contribute towards the costs of new school construction or costs associated with the renovation or expansion of existing schools, where facilities, which would be included in the school for the use of the community.

Policy F7 [PDF - 82 KB]

Council Electronic Device, Mobility and Internet Usage Reimbursement

To establish a program that would provide Councillors with reimbursement for electronic device, mobility and Internet usage required in their course of duty as a County Councillor.

Policy F8 [PDF - 140 KB]