Finance Policies

Policy Name



Cash Receipting Policy

To provide a process to be followed by all departments within the County of Grande Prairie for properly recording cash received and issuing a cash receipt.

Policy C1 [PDF - 98 KB]

Public Access - Tax Account Financial Information

To establish procedures for the release of tax account financial information to the public.

Policy C4 [PDF - 77 KB]

Operating and Capital Reserve Fund

To provide for the establishment and use of operating and capital reserve funds.

Policy C6 [PDF - 74 KB]

Operating Budget

To provide for adoption and control of the operating budget.

Policy C9 [PDF - 80 KB]

Tangible Capital Asset Policy To provide a framework to facilitate the consistent treatment of tangible capital assets, to enable the County to make more informed decisions regarding these assets and to structure capital asset reporting on the financial statements so as to remain compliant with generally accepted accounting principles. Policy C12 [PDF - 819 KB]
Collection of Outstanding Receivables To provide guidelines for collection of overdue receivables, including general receivables, utilities and property taxes. Policy C13 [PDF - 83 KB]
Capital Budget To provide for adoption and control of the capital budget as a flexible planning tool. Policy C17 [PDF - 74 KB]
Unbudgeted Expenditures To establish procedures to authorize expenditures not included in a budget previously authorized by Council motion. Policy C19 [PDF - 76 KB]
Financial Reports To provide for communication of financial information to Council, Administration and the general public to ensure financial reports are accurate, reliable, and conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This policy applies to internal and external reporting performed on a quarterly and annual basis, as well as the ongoing accounting records used to generate the reports. Policy C20 [PDF - 76 KB]
Disposal of Surplus Assets and Goods

To conduct the disposal of municipal assets, surplus supply of goods, and assets/goods seized under Distress Warrant in a transparent and fair manner, while recovering the maximum residual value.

Policy C21 [PDF - 91 KB]
Tax Deductible Receipts for Donations To provide guidelines on the issuing of tax deductible receipts for donations that the County receives from individuals or corporations.  Policy C22 [PDF - 101 KB]
Investment Policy To establish a policy that ensures that public funds are invested in a manner that meets the objectives of safety principle, liquidity, rate of return and compliance with Section 250 of the Municipal Government Act. Policy C26 [PDF - 121 KB]
Financial Reserves Policy The County of Grande Prairie recognizes that a critical component of fiscal stewardship is the establishment of Reserve accounts. These accounts maintain a prudent level of available financial resources to protect against the need to reduce service levels or raise taxes and fees due to temporary revenue shortfalls or unpredicted one-time expenditures.  Policy C27 [PDF - 221 KB]
Capital Equipment Replacement Policy To provide for a process to be followed by all departments within the County of Grande Prairie No. 1 to allow for the replacement of mobile capital equipment and vehicles on a regularly scheduled annual basis, and the procurement of new equipment and vehicles as approved by Council.  Policy C29  [PDF - 486 KB]