Corporate Services Policies

Policy Name



Minor Claims for Damage Policy

To establish guidelines for the County of Grande Prairie to accept and address submissions of minor claims for property damage less than $1,500 and vehicle damage less than $1,500.


Policy I3 [PDF - 252 KB]
Procurement Policy To govern the acquisition of all goods, services, and construction works (including contract, purchase or lease), that utilizes funds from all sources including both operating and capital expenditures. Policy I4 [PDF - 124 KB]
Legal Signing Authority To establish signing authorities for agreements, contracts and other municipal documents. The intent of this policy is to provide the municipality with flexibility in the signing of various documents to improve he efficiency of business operations and yet maintain effective internal controls and approval processes.  Policy I6 [PDF - 343 KB]
Risk Management Control Policy

To manage risk, promote the health and well-being of ratepayers, customers and employees, and avoid damage to property or the interruption of services.

Policy I7 [PDF - 348 KB]