Personnel Policies

Policy Name



Employee Computer Purchase Plan Policy

To assist County employees in purchasing a computer or computer related items such as printer, software, smartphone, for personal use, by providing an employee loan.

Policy L1 [PDF - 86 KB]

Grader Operators Minimum Wage During Snowplowing Season

To provide Grader Operators with a minimum wage during snowplowing season.

Policy L3 [PDF - 270 KB]

Employee Travel Expenses To establish employee travel expense rates and income tax treatment for travel for County business.

Policy L4 [PDF - 116 KB]

Salary Minimum Wage Administration Policy

To assist managers to formulate and apply equitable salary and wage administration decisions for the employees of the County.

Policy L5 [PDF - 172 KB]

Performance Management Policy

Performance planning and appraisal will take place to evaluate employee performance, communicate expectations, assist with planning for improvement as necessary and to enhance quality of service provided to citizens the County.

Policy L6 [PDF - 428 KB]

Personnel Policy

To establish some of the major conditions of employment including but not limited to leaves, vacation, benefits, confidentiality, classification, statutory holidays, and corrective action. Policy L7 [PDF - 600 KB]
Employee Personal Protective Equipment Allowance To establish a means for the County to provide assistance to those employees required to wear personal protective equipment for the performance of their duties. Policy L9 [PDF - 413 KB]
Protection of Workers from Workplace Violence To ensure the working environment of the County is free from discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and workplace violence. Policy L11 [PDF - 433 KB]
Local Authorities Pension Plan Policy To establish guidelines for the administration of Local Authorities Pension Plan (LAPP). Policy L13 [PDF - 338 KB]
Compensation During Extraordinary Circumstances To establish a consistent approach to compensating staff for responding to extraordinary circumstances. Policy L14 [PDF - 464 KB]
Health and Safety Policy To establish the County of Grande Prairie No.1’s commitment to protecting and maintaining the physical, social, and psychological well-being of all employees while working to promote that safety is our way of life – at work and at play, the safe way is the only way. Policy L15 [PDF - 1 MB]