Planning and Development Policies

Policy Name



Safety Codes Permits

To ensure that Safety Codes Permits are issued as per the County of Grande Prairie

Quality Management Plan.

Policy M1 [PDF - 15 MB]

Real Property Reports

To establish guidelines and procedures for the endorsement of Real Property Reports.

Policy M2 [PDF - 413 KB]

Public Reserve Property Development

To provide for development of Municipal Reserve Land.

Policy M3 [PDF - 324 KB]

Model Process for Subdivision Approval and Private Sewage

To provide a framework for the County for requiring technical investigation of a proposed subdivision and development site for suitability and viability of private on-site sewage treatment systems.

Policy M5 [PDF - 335 KB]

Licensed Private Sewage Treatment System Installers

To provide for a minimum requirement for Certified Private Sewage Treatment System Installers to complete all applications for private sewage treatment systems in the County.

Policy M6 [PDF - 271 KB]

Road Allowance Closure and/or Road Plan Cancellation

To identify the process to be followed and rates of compensation to be paid on receipt of requests to close a statutory road allowance and/or road plan.

Policy M7 [PDF - 232 KB]

Waiving of Application Fees

To provide Administration with a framework and authority to waive application fees for Planning and Development Applications related to non-profit organizations, non-government organizations, internal County Departments and other bodies or organizations from time to time as the case may be.

 Policy M7 [PDF - 75 KB]

Development Securities

To establish a framework for the acceptance of securities to ensure obligations of developers, builders, or land-owners under various planning and development related approval processes are met.

 Policy M9 [PDF - 101 KB]