Public Works Policies

Policy Name



Gravel For Community Facilities

To specify the terms of reference for the request of gravel on community projects within the County of Grande Prairie. Policy N3 [PDF - 270 KB]
Winter Road Maintenance To establish standards for winter maintenance of County Roads. Policy N5 [PDF - 410 KB]
Gravel for Seed Cleaning Plants To provide policy for processing requests for aggregate from Co-operatively or Municipal owned seed cleaning plants. Policy N6 [PDF - 269 KB]
Snowplowing for Seniors or Physically Disabled Individuals To provide policy for processing requests for snowplow services by senior citizens and physically disabled individuals residing in the County. Policy N7 [PDF - 280 KB]
Dust Control To establish the procedures and standards for dust control on County roads. Policy N8 [PDF - 278 KB]
Application of Dust Control Product by Parties other than the County To provide policy for the processing of requests to apply dust control products on County roads by parties other than the County. Policy N9 [PDF - 269 KB]
Traffic Control Devices To provide guidance to County Administration on the placement and maintenance of traffic control devices throughout the County. Policy N10 [PDF - 365 KB]
New Road Construction for Ratepayers To provide policy for processing requests for new road construction. Policy N11 [PDF - 74 KB]
Land Agreements To establish a procedure for entering into Land Agreements with the County. Policy N12 [PDF - 363 KB]
Road Widening To provide direction for compensation to be paid when acquiring additional right-of-way for road construction and when that compensation will be paid. Policy N13 [PDF - 254 KB]
Fencing for Road Widening Only To provide direction for the compensation to be paid for the loss of a fence due to road construction. Policy N14 [PDF - 270 KB]
Standard Road Top Widths for Construction To provide a standard for road widths to be constructed within the County. Policy N15 [PDF - 325 KB]
Approaches To provide a standard for the supply of access to a parcel of land from a developed road and direction as to who bears the cost of access. Policy N16 [PDF - 130 KB]
Approaches Constructed by Resource Activity Companies To provide direction for processing request for access to County roads by resource companies. Policy N17 [PDF - 1.5 MB]
Requests to the County for Private Individuals to Construct Roads on County Road Allowances To provide direction when receiving requests from individuals or companies to construct a road on a statutory road allowance or road plan within the County at the individual companies expense. Policy N18 [PDF - 270 KB]
Resource Development Companies and Private Roads To provide direction when responding to applications for License of Occupations within the County. Policy N19 [PDF - 269 KB]
Road Allowance Closure and or Road Plan Cancellation To identify the process to be followed and rates of compensation to be paid on receipt of requests to close a statutory road allowance and/or road plan.

Policy N20 [PDF - 269 KB]

Dugouts on Municipal Property To provide direction on the uses of Municipal Reserve Lands. Policy N21 [PDF - 267 KB]
Transport of Heavy Loads Road Bans To provide direction when receiving requests to move loads in excess of allowable weights during periods of road bans.

Policy N22 [PDF - 270 KB]

Unloading of Cleated Vehicles To provide direction when receiving requests for the unloading of cleated vehicles on County roadways. Policy N23 [PDF - 268 KB]
Truckers and Contractors - Conditions of Hiring To provide policy as to the requirements for hiring truckers and contractors. Policy N24 [PDF - 326 KB]
Sale of Fruit, Vegetables and Farm Produce from Temporary Road Side Stands on or Adjacent to County Roads To provide direction for the processing of requests to sell products from temporary road side stands on or adjacent to County roads. Policy N25 [PDF - 270 KB]
Texas Gates To provide direction for the processing of applications for the installation of a texas gate on a statutory road allowance and/or a road plan held in the name of the County. Policy N27 [PDF - 255 KB]
Mail Box Location To provide direction for the approval of requests to install individual mail boxes adjacent to County lands. Policy N31 [PDF - 326 KB]
Subdivision Directional Signs To provide direction for the processing of requests for directional signage to named subdivisions located within the County. Policy N32 [PDF - 112 KB]
Navigable Waters for Bridge Projects To introduce the County's guidelines for Navigable Waters Approval Process Decisions for Bridge Projects. Policy N34 [PDF - 340 KB]
Divisional Road Construction Program Funding Policy To provide for annual funding allocations for the Council divisional road construction program. Policy N36 [PDF - 332 KB]
Transport of Heavy Loads To permit the transport of heavy loads on County roads. Policy N41 [PDF - 511 KB]
Multi Component (Drilling Rig) Moves To clearly state the conditions applicable to a multi-component drilling rig move within the County. Policy N42 [PDF - 316 KB]
Private Driveway Maintenance To provide for a reasonable level of private driveway and access road construction and maintenance so that resource and industry may be held responsible for cleanup of mud and other debris as required. Policy N43 [PDF - 327 KB]
Asset Management Policy To ensure that coordinated, cost effective, environmentally resilient and sustainable decisions, associated with the operation,
maintenance, and replacement of infrastructure assets are made.
Policy N44 [PDF - 99 KB]
Surfaced Road Rehabilitation To provide a process for rehabilitation programs of surfaced roads.  Policy N46 [PDF - 372 KB]
Facility Bond Policy To provide a definition of what a facility is and what site qualifies for a Facility bond during road ban season.  Policy N45 [PDF - 1.9 MB]
County Road Surfacing Policy To provide a framework for determining the County of Grande Prairie roads to be considered for New Surfacing annually.  Policy N47 [PDF - 381 KB]