Public Works

Name Title Phone Email
Main Number 780-532-7393 Email
Fax Line 780-539-9871 Email
Dale Van Volkingburgh Director of Public Works ext. 1243 Email
Bobbi Nichol Administrative Assistant ext. 1227 Email
Carey Moulun Administrative Assistant ext. 1245 Email
Cassandra Chabot-Madlung Project Technologist ext. 1212 Email
Chrissie Newman Administrative Assistant ext. 1227 Email
Clint Diederich Operations Manager ext. 1279 Email
Craig Allison Project Support Lead ext. 1264 Email
Dalen Peterson Project and Regulatory Technologist ext. 3212 Email
Deryle Penner Resource Coordinator ext. 1293 Email
Don Hogg Foreman District #2 ext. 1298 Email
Harold Chun Asset Information Technician ext. 1164 Email
Howard Laverick Foreman District #1 ext. 1250 Email
Jennifer Besinger Technical Service Manager ext. 1248 Email
Kevin Crawford Resource and Environmental Technician ext. 1211 Email
Lynda Caron Office Coordinator ext. 1269 Email
Lynette Torgerson Project Technologist ext. 1297 Email
Rick Smith Foreman District #3 ext. 1249 Email
Rob Naugler Project Technologist ext. 1213 Email
Shane Kessler Construction Manager ext. 1274 Email