Where you live in the county determines the type and number of pets and livestock you can keep on your property and the types of animal-related businesses you can operate.

 Dogs and Cats
The number of dogs permitted on a property, dog licenses, animal shelter services, and concerns about nuisance, stray, lost dogs and cats are regulated through animal control

Agricultural Pursuits

Keeping farm animals such a s chickens, horses or other livestock on a residential property is defined as an Agricultural Pursuit. Agricultural Pursuits are regulated by the Land Use Bylaw and require Development Permit approval.

 Agricultural Pursuit, Minor

In the Country Residential (CR-2, CR-4, and CR-5) land use districts a resident may apply to keep up to three horses on their property, depending on the size of the lot. A small building or structure associated with the horses may also be considered.

 Agricultural Pursuit, Major

In the Country Residential (CR-5) land use district a resident may apply to keep animals classified as livestock on their property. These animals include horses, cows, chickens, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, and other similar animals. The number of animals is determined by the type of animal and the size of the property. A building or structure associated with the animals may also be considered.

Calculating Animal Units
Type of LivestockNumber of Such Livestock Deemed to Equal One Animal Unit
Dairy Cow (plus calf under 6 months) 1
Beef Cow (plus calf under 6 months) 1
Horse (plus foal under 6 months) 1
Sheep/Goats (plus lambs under 6 months) 2
Pigs (plus offspring under 2 months)1 2
Fowl 50
Rabbits 30
Ostriches 2
All Others1 At the discretion of Development Authority

1Wild boar are prohibited.

Animal-related Businesses

Animal-related businesses are managed by the Land Use Bylaw. The County does not issue business licenses, however, a Development Permit may be required to operate a business from your property

Animal-related businesses include:

  • Kennels and boarding facilities
  • Abattoirs
  • Stables
  • Confined Feeding Operations
  • Veterinary Clinics