The Building Code sets the standards for construction of buildings. Building Permits ensure construction meets these standards. Building Permits are governed by the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Permit Regulations. Applications for Building Permits can be made online using our Gateway portal.

When are Building Permits required?

A Building Permit is required for the construction of a building, including renovations, relocations, additions, or a change in occupancy. Certain farm buildings and nonhazardous accessory buildings smaller than 10m2 may be exempt.

Contact the Planning Department if you have any questions regarding the requirement for a Building Permit prior to commencing any work.

How long are Building Permits valid?

Permits expire if work is not commenced within 90 days of issuance or if the project is suspended for more than 120 days.

The County issues Development Permits prior to Building Permits. Development Permits become void 12 months from the issue date if development has not commenced. Those portions of the development that are incomplete 24 months from the issue date are no longer approved unless an extension is requested. The County may also require an extension on the associated Building Permit.

Who should apply for the permit?

You or your contractor can apply for permits, however if you have a contractor, it may be more appropriate for them to apply.

Do fabric covered buildings and other temporary structures require a permit?

Yes, regardless if they are temporary or permanent installation, all structures over 10m2 (approximately 108ft2) require a Building Permit. Fabric covered buildings also require engineered stamped prints.

Do I need a permit to replace the shingles, siding, window, and/or doors on my house?

As long as you are not making structural changes like increasing the size of windows or doors, you do not need a permit. General maintenance (painting, decorating) does not require a permit. If you are unsure as to whether a permit is required, contact the Planning Department.

What services do I get with my permit?

Services include, but are not limited to, a plan review and report, technical advice, site inspections and reports, and a final status report (Permit Services Report).

Can a copy of my Building Permit or a list of issued Building Permits be given to the public?

Under Section 59(1) of the Safety Codes Act, the County does not need an owner's consent or a FOIP request to release building permit information.

If the permit has been issued to an individual, the County may release the name of the permit holder and the "nature of the permit." This would likely include all the information related to what the permit allows the permit holder to do (e.g. location of work site, the kind of structure, its size, value of the project, etc.). It may not include other personal information such as the permit holder's home phone number or home address if different from the location of the work site.

Do I need home warranty coverage?

The province's New Home Buyer Protection Act requires almost all residential builders to show proof of home warranty coverage before the County of Grande Prairie can issue a new construction permit.

What is the National Energy Code?

Alberta requires proof of compliance with the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) prior to the issuance of a building permit. The National Energy Code for Buildings is a set of energy efficiency requirements for new building construction and design.

For more information on the requirements for the National Energy Code for Buildings in Alberta, visit the Alberta Municipal Affairs website.