Whether you're hosting a family reunion, a wedding or anniversary celebration, a birthday party, or just a fun get-together with friends, it is always a good idea to review the County's bylaws as part of your event planning, even if the event is taking place on your own property.

If your event includes a tent rental, be sure to review the Temporary Event Tent permit requirements.


You may need to obtain a fire permit if you are planning a bonfire as part of your event. Review the Fire Permit requirements to make sure you have everything in place for your next evening around the fire pit.


If your event includes fireworks, you will need to obtain a permit. Review the Fireworks Permit requirements to make sure you have everything in place to put on a spectacular show.


The Community Standards Bylaw includes standards regarding noise and prohibits noise that disturbs the peace of others particularly during the quiet hours of 10 pm to 7 am.

If you are hosting an event on your property, you should review the bylaw to avoid disturbing others in your area.

Toilets and Waste Management

Depending on the location and size of your event, you may wish to consider renting portable toilets for your guests. To ensure compliance with the Community Standards Bylaw regarding littering, you should also consider additional garbage and recycling containers to manage event waste.