The Gas Code sets the standards for gas installations. Gas Permits ensure these installations meet these standards. Gas Permits are governed by the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Permit Regulations. Applications for Gas Permits can be made online using our Gateway portal.

When is a Gas Permit required?
A Gas Permit is required to install, alter, or add a gas system and needs to be applied for prior to the work commencing.
We are planning on using propane to heat our home, do I need a Gas Permit? 
Yes, you need a gas permit for both the installation of the propane appliance, furnace, range, etc., and for the placement of the propane tank on the property.
Do I require a permit for a new residential furnace or changing out a gas hot water tank?
Yes, if any alterations are made to the gas piping and/or the venting.
How long are Gas Permits valid?

Permits expire if work is not commenced within 90 days of issuance or if the project is suspended from more than 120 days.

However, all work should be completed within the life of the associated Development and Building Permits.

Who should apply for the permit?
A landowner who personally resides on the parcel of land where the work is to occur or a licensed Gas Fitter can apply for a Gas Permit.