To help clear up concerns and potential misinformation regarding the County’s upcoming Land Use Bylaw review in 2024, we have launched a new webpage called Fact Check: Growth and Development in the County of Grande Prairie.

The County maintains the integrity of your community through the development, implementation, and enforcement of various plans that guide land use throughout the county.

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the use and development of land and buildings within the County. It sets out the various zoning districts, the uses acceptable under each district, and the method for making decisions on development permit applications.

Real Property Report

Land use is monitored and reviewed to ensure it meets the requirements of the land use bylaw.

Land Use Map
Current Projects

Your input matters, find out ways to participate in land use and development processes.

Land Use Bylaw
Land Use

Discover the different land uses found in the Land Use Bylaw and which districts allow for them.

Proposed Rezoning

Rezoning is the process of changing a property's designation in the land use bylaw.


Learn about subdividing and what the process involves to subdivide a property.

Listing on zoning types
Zoning Districts

Discover the zoning districts and the approved uses for property throughout the county

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Zoning Maps

Use zoning maps to quickly identify a property's designation and approved uses