Example of Recreational Facility Businesses include:

Any land or part thereof which may levy fees for the locating of tents or recreational vehicles and may include any facilities or amenities secondary to the primary use. May be allowed in GC, IR, and BA-DC districts.
Commercial Entertainment Facility 
A privately owned indoor facility or development operated for financial gain in which the public participates in and/or views an activity for entertainment/social purposes. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, they may include facilities for display of motion pictures, live theatres, dinner theatres, dancing and cabaret entertainment, amusement arcades with mechanical and/or electronic games, billiard, or pool halls. They do not include an adult entertainment facility, bingo hall, casino. May be allowed in MU1 district.
Commercial Riding Stable
A facility that is used for horse riding activities on a commercial basis and may include buildings that are necessary for the storage of the horses or other functions related to this activity. May be allowed in IR district.
Community Hall 
The use of land and building for community activities and generally not used for commercial purposes, and the control of which is vested in the County of Grande Prairie, a local board or agent thereof. May be allowed in the L-IR and IR districts. 
Fitness Centre
A building where the primary activity is physical exercise. This use generally charges a fee to allow visitors to use the exercise equipment, attend fitness related courses and other provided services. May be allowed in the MU1, GWC, CBMN, and CBMJ districts.
Golf Course
A recreation area with accessory buildings and uses for the purpose of playing golf. accessory buildings and uses may include a pro shop, club house, restaurant, licensed dining area or lounge, driving range and picnic area. May be allowed in the EX and IR districts.
A use of a building, or part of a building for the preservation and presentation of works of art, cultural, historical, or scientific objects. This building is open for recreation and education of the public. May be allowed in the GC, L-IR, and MU1 districts.
Land specifically designed or reserved for the general public for active or passive recreational use. This includes all natural and manmade landscaping, facilities, playing fields, buildings and other structures that are consistent with the general purposes of public parkland. May be allowed in the AG, CR-1, CR-2, CR-3, CR-4, CR-5, RE, RR-1, RR-2, RR-3, RR-4, RC, RC-1, HDR, MHC, CM, RM, CC, GC, L-IR, IR districts.
Recreational Amusement Park 
A use with or without permanent buildings or structures where rides, games of chance, entertainment, exhibitions, and the sale of food, beverages, toys and souvenirs constitute the main use. May be allowed in IR and BA-DC districts.
Recreational Use, Extensive 
A recreational land use, scattering users and development over a dispersed area of land. This use may include passive parks, walking trails, hunting, trail riding, snowmobiling, hiking, or a combination of the above and other similar uses and recreational activities which do not typically involve buildings. May be allowed in IR, BA-DC, UR-R, and UR districts. 
Recreational Use, Intensive 
A recreational land use and/or buildings where recreation activities are pursued in a more concentrated form and would likely involve buildings. Such activities may include beaches, racetracks for motorized and non-motorized activities, sport fields, picnic areas, arenas, curling rinks, indoor pavilions, downhill or cross-country ski facilities, parks, cabins, and other similar uses. May be allowed in MHC, UR-R, IR, UR, and BA-DC districts.
Recreational Facility, Commercial
A large-scale building in which patrons may participate in a recreation activity which, requires a substantial area for each participant, and in which there is minimal to moderate provision for spectators. May be allowed in RM-1, RM-4, CC, GC, and MU1 district.
Recreational Facility, Indoor
Development that provides facilities within an enclosed building for sports and active recreation where patrons are predominantly participants and any spectators are incidental. May be allowed in the RM-4, CC, GC, L-IR, MU1, BA-DC, and IR districts.
Recreational Facility, Outdoor
A development providing facilities that are available to the public for sports and active recreation conducted outdoors. May be allowed in the RM-4, BA-DC, and IR districts.

For a full list and definitions of Recreational Facility businesses, please refer to our Land Use Bylaw.

Zoning and Required Approvals


Each land use is required to be in an appropriate land use district as listed above.

To determine the land use district of a property, refer to our Map. If your use is not listed on the land use district of a property, you may need to apply to rezone the property.


Municipal Approvals

Development Permits are required for any new or expanding Recreational Facility uses, including new buildings, additions to existing buildings, and a change in use or intensification of the use of the land or building.

Building Permit is required for the construction of a building, including renovations, additions, or a change in occupancy. 

Applications can be made online using our Gateway portal.

Provincial Approvals

Certain developments may require provincial approvals or licensing in addition to your municipal permits. Examples where Provincial approvals may be required include:

  • If a development is within 800 m of the centerline of a highway;
  • If a development will impact a water body or if it diverts and uses surface or groundwater;
  • If a development involves the handling of food for consumption, liquor, or cannabis.


Fees for municipal approvals are charged in accordance with our Schedule of Fees, Rates and Charges.

For further information, please contact Planning and Development Services.


This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various municipal, provincial, and federal bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically.