Road Ban Status                                                        

Effective 10:00 a.m. on Monday May 8th all gravel roads will return to 100% axle weight loading 24 hours a day, all other roads as posted.

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Year-Round Restrictions

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What is a road ban?

Road bans are weight restrictions that reduce the maximum weight allowed on any carrying axle of a truck or trailer by a specified percentage.

Road bans reduce damage to County roads during spring break-up when moisture-filled pavement and soils could be damaged by heavy vehicles. Road bans minimize the amount of repair and repaving needed to maintain quality roads. The bans apply to heavy traffic, not regular passenger vehicles.

Unless otherwise posted, 100 percent axle weight loading is allowed on all gravel roads 24 hours-a-day. During road ban season, however, this may be reduced to 75 or 50 percent, depending on conditions.

Because road bans depend on weather conditions, they can vary from year-to-year. Road bans are announced in News and Notices, through County social media channels and local radio.

For daily updated road ban information 24/7, call 780-513-3964.