Report a Downed Sign

The County installs and maintains signage for range and township roads, rural addresses, subdivisions, and more. Currently, there are roughly 33,000 road signs and poles maintained by the County's dedicated Sign Shop. For the County's policy regarding signage, see Policy N10 - Traffic Control Devices

Requests for Traffic Control Devices
  • A Traffic Control Device is any sign, signal, marking or device placed, marked or erected for the purpose of regulating, warning or guiding traffic.
  • The public may request additional or revised Traffic Control Devices by applying to the County.
  • Requests will be reviewed by the Transportation and Utilities Department and if determined acceptable, will be installed by County forces.
  • Application denials or where such changes lie outside the general guidance provided by this policy or authority of the Chief Administrative Officer, or their designate, the applicant may schedule an appointment to present to Council for further consideration.

If you or your company want to put a sign up in County right of way, please fill out and submit the Application for Sign Installation to