Bid Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with the County of Grande Prairie.

You can find our procurement opportunities on our Bid Opportunities Website. We use the bids&tenderstm electronic procurement platform to purchase required goods, services and construction. This program will let you review, register, download, and respond to the various opportunities very easily.

Notices for procurement opportunities will continue to be posted on the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) website. 

 First Time Bidders

We use bids&tenderstm software. As a first-time user you will be required to create a free account which you can do on our main bidding page. Make sure you have the following information handy as you will need it to start your account:

  • Legal Company Name

  • Company address, fax, website

  • Any other business names (Optional)

  • Tax Registration Number (HST, GST, FEIN)

  • Company Contact(s) (Optional)

    • First Name, Last Name

    • Phone/cell number and extension

Bidder Debriefing Opportunities

The County of Grande Prairie is committed to supporting fair, open, and transparent procurement processes. Once the successful vendor for a particular procurement project has been announced, all participating companies wishing to receive feedback on their submissions are invited to contact the Procurement Advisor to schedule a debriefing appointment.

Vendor Performance Report Card

Good working relationships with our vendors is important. To help with this, the County has established a Vendor Performance Report Card procedure to support successful project outcomes and strengthen vendor performance.

General Terms and Conditions

The County's General Terms and Conditions also form a part of any procurement contract issued by the County.  Interested and successful vendors are invited to become familiar with these conditions by clicking the link provided above.

Vendor Prequalification Program

Looking for an opportunity to work with us? The County of Grande Prairie relies on a variety of vendors to supply a wide range of products and services. Our prequalification process assists us to establish a list of qualified vendors who meet the following criteria: 

Basic Criteria
  • $2,000,000 per occurrence liability insurance for low-risk work (as defined by Schedule 2 of Alberta’s OHS Code) 
  • $5,000,000 per occurrence liability insurance for high-risk work (as defined by Schedule 2 of Alberta’s OHS Code) 
  • A WCB Account in good standing 
  • Acknowledgement of the County’s Terms and Conditions 
  • Acknowledgement of the County’s Contracting Employer Health and Safety Orientation 

 Health and Safety

  • The County values workplace health and safety. Preference will be given to prequalified suppliers that possess a COR or SECOR certification.
  • Suppliers seeking to assume the role of Prime Contractor on a County job must possess a COR or SECOR certificate.

For your opportunity to join our list of prequalified vendors, complete our Contractor and Vendor Prequalification Package. Before you begin you will want to gather the following information and have them available. You will need your:

  • Insurance certificate;
  • WCB clearance letter dated within seven (7) days of your submission; and
  • COR/SECOR (if applicable).

Note: Acceptance to the County's prequalified vendors list does not imply an future commitment or right to work for us.

Surplus Items

The County has posted a number of surplus items that are available for anyone to purchase. To see these items, visit Make sure you enter County of Grande Prairie in the search bar.

Contact Us

For more information, please email us.