Members of County Council participate on various internal and external boards, committees and task forces, representing the County of Grande Prairie and the voices of their constituents. Their participation creates a bridge between Council and the community. It is also a way for County Councillors to better understand local issues and priorities.

Learn more about the County of Grande Prairie's boards, committees and task forces.

County Council Boards and Committees

Internal and external boards and committees.

Library Board

The Library Board ensures accessible and up-to-date library service for all County residents.

Municipal Planning Commission

The Commission makes decisions on subdivision, major permit applications and discretionary development proposals.


The County is currently recruiting public members for the Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee and Recreation Boards. 

What do Boards, Committees and Commissions do?

Members review material, weigh alternatives, and make recommendations to Council who are then able to make more informed decisions while substantially expediting the decision-making process.

Representatives from public to various Boards, Committees and Commissions are appointed by Council from a pool of applicants in accordance with Policy B30 Public Appointments to Boards and Committees.

To apply for a member-at-large position, complete the application form. Please submit a separate application for each Board or Committee position for which you are applying.

The deadline to apply for the Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee is January 18, 2021 and for the Recreation Boards is January 11, 2021. 

Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee

3 Member-at-Large Positions Available

Term of Appointment: Appointments are to be for a term of approximately 10 months, ending prior to the Municipal Election in October 2021.

Purpose: The Committee's role is to review existing Council and Board/Committee remuneration and expense reimbursement policies and make recommendations to Council prior to the next municipal election in October 2021. The Committee's work will assure ongoing transparency and accountability for elected officials and appointed board and committee members. 

Time Commitment: Meetings will be held as required between February and October and may take place during regular office hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

For consideration to be appointed to the Council and Board Remuneration Review Committee candidates should have:

  • Ability to commit time to attend meetings during the workday over the next 8 months;
  • Familiarity with local government and the roles and responsibilities of a Council;
  • Knowledge and understanding of financial and accounting principles;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the elements of compensation and planning;
  • Knowledge and skill in research and analysis;
  • Board or Committee member experience considered an asset;
  • Ability to work in a team environment;
  • Experience in business, management, government or community organizations.

County Recreation Boards

21 Member-at-Large Positions Available

  • County – Sexsmith – La Glace – Teepee Creek Recreation Board (four members)
  • County – Clairmont – Bezanson Recreation Board (five members)
  • County – Beaverlodge – Elmworth – Huallen Recreation Board (four members)
  • County – Wembley – Dimsdale – Saskatoon Lake Recreation Board (four members)
  • County – Hythe – Demmitt – Valhalla Recreation Board (four members)

Term of Appointment: Appointments to be staggered on each board to ensure continuity.  

Purpose: To review grant applications and make recommendations to County Council for those organizations and groups who are to receive Operating Assistance Grant funding. 

Time Commitment: Recreation boards meet annually for one full day during the first two weeks of May during regular office hours between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

For consideration to be appointed to a County Recreation Board:

  • Resident of the Recreation Board area;
  • Experience or interest in one or more of the following areas: non-profit organizations and community sports and recreation;
  • Ability to be fair and open-minded;
  • Must be able to communicate effectively and work within a team environment; and
  • Ability to be flexible, adaptable, committed and enthusiastic.