Members of County Council participate on various internal and external boards, committees and task forces, representing the County of Grande Prairie and the voices of their constituents. Their participation creates a bridge between Council and the community. It is also a way for County Councillors to better understand local issues and priorities.

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What do Boards and Committees do?

Boards and Committees review material, weigh alternatives, and make recommendations to Council. Council is then able to make more informed decisions while substantially expediting the decision-making process. 

Some Boards and Committees may also fill a quasi-judicial role, which means that the Committee has the authority to make decisions and judgments as provided for in the Municipal Government Act. 

At the County of Grande Prairie, representatives from the public to various Boards and Committees are appointed by Council from a pool of applicants in accordance with Policy B30 Public Appointments to Boards and Committees 

County Council Boards and Committees

The County Council Boards and Committees provide County Council with perspective and recommendations regarding important civic issues. They also play an integral role in bringing together constituents and the County to achieve the common goal of building and strengthening our community. The County Council Boards and Committees can be composed solely of constituents or members of Council, while others are made up of a combination of constituents and members of Council. 

Internal and external boards and committees.

Library Board

The Library Board ensures accessible and up-to-date library service for all County residents.

Municipal Planning Commission

The Commission makes decisions on subdivision, major permit applications and discretionary development proposals.