The Parks & Recreation Department cuts grass and tends flowerbeds throughout the County.

Our Green Space Maintenance Plan outlines the level of care we provide. We determine level of care based on zoning and land use.

Level 1: mowed once per week

  • County Administration and Public Works Building
  • County Community Services Building
  • Irrigated Sportsfields

Level 2: mowed every two weeks

Hamlets and Subdivisions classified as:

  • Rural Estates (RE)
  • Rural Residential (RR1, RR2)
  • Rural Residential Mixed (RR3, RR4)

Level 3: mowed once per month

  • Back alleys and PULs in Hamlets
  • Cemeteries

Level 4: mowed once per year

  • Developed Walking Trails

Subdivisions classified as:

  • Country Residential (CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5)
Photo Gallery: Greenspace Maintenance will appear here on the public site.