Open Data provides convenient, free, and open access to government information.

 Open data takes non-personal information collected by the County and makes it available to the public with no fees or restrictions attached to its use. Private industry, public partners, research organizations and citizens can all use the County’s Open Data.

 The information available in the County’s Open Data catalogue can be used to generate new business opportunities, improve community services, create jobs, or simply find the location of a local hall. The data is available in machine-readable formats for everyone to use, reuse and redistribute.




 Benefits of Open Data
 Over the past five years, governments around the world have begun to make their data available through Open Data, and it has shown these benefits:
  • Creation of new products and services to serve citizens, businesses, and community
  • Richer information shared and more personalized services to the public.
  • Reduced costs for government and citizens to find, distribute and use government data
  • Spurred innovation and economic development opportunities that leverage the data.
More open, accountable government and more informed and engaged citizens.
 Open Data uses
  •  Third party agencies use Open data to build road networks and addressing so emergency services, or delivery companies can find houses and route their vehicles efficiently.
  • Service Providers use open data to direct business decisions from what services to offer in a region to where to locate the new high-speed internet lines.
  • Many startup companies use open data including Yelp for food inspections and restaurant reviews and Zillow for real estate and property valuations.
  • Researchers like to use Open Data so they can release the data along with the findings in the paper, encouraging others to replicate their work.
  • Corporations and businesses make use of Open Data to find the best location for their new business based on land availability and demographics in different areas.
  • Community members can use open data to advocate for themselves and influence emerging data-driven conversations.
  • Open data should NOT be used to replace Alberta One Call. 


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Privacy and License

Open data does not mean that a government releases all of its data to the public, in fact, no personal or private information is released in Open Data. Within the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP), we respect an individual’s privacy and are committed to protecting personal information.  

All information distributed via the Open Data Portal is shared under the Open Government License - Grande Prairie.